We know that surrendering a pet is not an easy decision. If you have exhausted all your resources and simply cannot keep your Boston Terrier, please surrender your pet to the Boston Terrier Rescue of North Carolina. Our organization does not place dogs in an animal shelter, but rather in the home of a volunteer who will tend to your dog’s needs. Our volunteers provide food, affection, and veterinary care until we find your pet a new forever home.

Please do not list your dog on Craigslist. By doing so, you may expose your pet to the risks posed by predatory individuals who abuse animals, sell them to research laboratories, flip them for profit, or use them in dog fights. In our care, though, your dog finds a new home after a vetting process of careful interviews, home visits, and reference checks.

To Surrender a Boston or to Report a Lost & Found Boston

When you call or email, it is very important you indicate the urgency of your message and how quickly you need a callback.


Betsy (336) 339-4368 – evenings/weekends only