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Roxanne resides in one of our permanent foster homes because she has an aggressive form of mammary cancer that has spread into her lungs. In just a few weeks since she arrived, her lungs have so many more spots and the existing spots are bigger. Her mammary tumors have increased in size, some have doubled and she has new growths daily. Roxanne is only 2 1/2 years old and was dealt a very bad hand, she is beautiful and a happy, go lucky girl and does not seem to be in any pain. She will be made comfortable for as long as her sweet life lasts but it is not expected to be very long. If you would like to sponsor Roxanne's remaining days, please do- 11/21/12  



Roxanne's Sponsors:

Mary Lou Wu





Bailey resides in  one of our permanent foster homes because he is blind and deaf and has an  enlarged heart as well as a seizure history. This little old man was trying  to join in on the fun in a gated golfing community when he was nabbed by  animal control! Thankfully, we then nabbed him and he is safe but is in bad health.  Bailey is 11 years old and weighs 16 lbs and is beautifully marked with a  Haggerty Spot which dates back to the first Boston Terriers ever bred. Bailey likes to kiss and snuggle for a bit and then that's enough riff-raff for him-  it's nap time!  Please consider sponsoring Bailey as he lives out his golden years!


Bailey's Sponsors:

Walter Williams

Andromedii Jewelry



Lulu and Rosebud


Rest In Peace LuLu - 11/28/2012 

Lulu, 11 and Rosebud, 8 are a mother and daughter pair that reside in one of our permanent foster homes. Lulu has a diaphragmatic hernia as the result of an untreated injury. Her intestines are no longer where they should be which compromises her lung function and she requires a highly digestible diet. She is underweight, has severe arthritis and double luxating patellas. Lulu is also deaf, has corneal scarring and is covered with various nodules on her body. Due to her hernia, she cannot undergo anesthesia and will remain with her daughter until her time comes to go to the bridge. Rosebud has grade 2 mast cell cancer and although surgery was performed, clear margins were not obtained and a second effort may be in her future. These girls are not housetrained and mark everything because of fear that it will be taken away from them. They are food resource guarders also. Lulu is extremely attached to her foster mom and will bark for her when she cannot find her while Rosebud is quite silly and plays the day away. If you would like to sponsor the care of Lulu and Rosebud, please do- these girls have lived a hard life but are now safe and cared for.


_____Lulu and Rosebud's Sponsors:

Allison Stori




Polo (pronounced Palo) resides in one of our long term Foster Homes because when he first arrived, he was given a few days to live due to an advanced case of heartworms. That was Easter Monday 2012 and after a few treatments, the vet is having trouble even locating his heart murmur at this point and he will be tested to see how his heartworm treatment is going after the first of the year. He takes daily medicine to keep fluid retention down but he is a very sweet, active and playful boy that adores his blind female companion! Along with Polo's medical condition, he and his brother Keki were quite the learning curve- they did not understand ANY English when they arrived so after much patience, they are somewhat bilingual and still learning! Thank goodness that Polo has great listening skills! When Polo is not playing with his canine pals, he enjoys being loved on and chewing on bones. Polo is only 4 years old and if he survives beyond full treatment, his health care will be long and expensive. If you would like to sponsor Polo, we would be muy agradecido or very grateful! 11/15/12


Polo's Sponsors:





Myrtle resides in one of our permanent Foster Homes and here is her story. THAT WAS THEN, five months ago...this 15 year old, unaffectionate, crippled girl bearing the tattooed ear of a puppy mill victim was completely broken inside and out - an empty soul covered in tumors and cysts and suffering from pneumonia, pelvic arthritis from a previous injury and periodontal disease which had left her with only six teeth. Myrtle is deaf with luxating patellas, Cushing's disease, and had lost the sight in one eye. THIS IS NOW... at first, Myrtle started following her new people around the house, and then she gave a kiss here or there, and then she jumped into her foster mom's lap.  She was starting to respond to human companionship! She has gained some much needed weight and is thought to be closer to 11 than 15! She loves her meals and has learned to use a doggy door. She snorts at her foster mom in appreciation for a kiss on the head and that's love! When Myrtle takes her journey to the bridge, she will leave knowing that someone loved her for the first time in her life.... Please consider sponsoring this very special girl.  


Myrtle's Sponsors:

Ellen Davidson

Greta Davidson

Janet Lenaro

Charmaine Reznicek

Uri Biler

James Peters

Katherine Page

Rebecca Gray

Stephani Grocki

Lindsay Forrest






Precious resides in one of our permanent Foster Homes due to age and a long list of health issues. Precious has had a rough life; she was hit by a car at some point and her injuries were never treated, leaving her with an arched spine, a blown knee and two front legs that barely hold her up, it is a true wonder that she is mobile! She is also missing twelve teeth and has tracheaitis due to dental disease and she was recently spayed after a lifetime of litters. Precious is the sweetest, most laid-back dog you'll ever meet and she is treated to the largest dog bed and softest blanket in her Foster Home! She has never even raised her lip towards the other dogs, even when they try and steal her blanket! Precious loves her bed and will look at her Foster Mom if her bed is not in the same room as she is! She enjoys the occasional car ride and is becoming more affectionate towards her new family. Precious may be only 1/32 Boston Terrier but she is 100 percent PRECIOUS! If you would like to sponsor Precious, please do!


Precious' Sponsors:
Kim Malkin and Tiny Tony






Emmie resides in one of permanent foster homes because of her age and physical condition. She struggles with bouts of confusion and labored breathing and she is beginning to lose her hair. Emmie has arthritis and is deaf and recently lost one of her eyes to glaucoma. Emmie is one of the great Southern Belle's that likes her fair share of pampering! She enjoys  baths in water and the sun, being petted and scratched, Emmie lived her former life in a puppymill and has never played with toys but will build a "nest" with her blankie or a rug to relax on and she dances for treats! She wants to be around her people, who know her likes and dislikes and she responds very well to attention and affection. If Emmie is hungry or wants to go outside, she she will stomp her feet in front of you and then lead you where she wants to go! She does not bark or make any noise at all except for snoring! Emmie loves her porch and fenced in yard and would love for you to donate towards her continued care.


Emmie's Sponsors:

Tonya Clayton






Gia resides in one of our permanent foster homes. This sweet girl has had a rough 15 years and is now completely blind and deaf and although she constantly bumps into things, she never complains. Gia had a cancerous tumor on her thigh and several mammary tumors removed and an inguinal hernia repaired and a few rotten teeth extracted. She has a little trouble eating now, but she seems to enjoy her food. Gia came from a puppy-mill originally and has some fear anxiety and is easily startled. Gia was surrendered because she is not house broken- we don't know whether she was never trained or at age 15, she just forgets to tell you, either could be the case. Gia ignores her canine and feline siblings and she even ignores the small human's that come to visit, spending much of her time snoozing in her favorite spots. She is just enjoying her Foster Mom and Dad for however long she has left. If you would like to help make Gia more comfortable for her remaining days, please make a donation in her name.



Gia's Sponsors:

Erik and Jennifer Johnson

Uri Biler





Pugsley resides in one of BTRNC’s permanent Foster Homes because he has heartworms and for his age of ten years, he is doing as well as can be expected. He is currently being treated for a respiratory infection. He showed up during a storm infested with worms and fleas, dirty and scared, covered in scars, timid and afraid so we placed him into our Sanctuary program so that he may live out his remaining life safe and secure. His Foster Mom says he is not just a friend, but he is a welcomed addition to the family now. They are happy just to make him comfortable. Pugsley loves going for walks, giving kisses and playing with his "cat in the hat" toy. Judging from the scars on his head and ears, Pugsley did not live a happy existence in his previous home but his canine siblings take turns caring for him which his Foster Mom assures us is very cute to watch! He will seek the comfort of his Foster Mom's bed when he hears fireworks, thunderstorms or other loud noises. His past has not kept him from being loving and thankful to his Foster Mom though and he snorts like a little piggy when he is happy! Pugsley would love for you to help him out by sponsoring some of his medical treatments- he'll be happy to send you a little "snort, snort" to thank you!



Pugsley's Sponsors:

Wishing you all the best, Pugsley, from Toby and Buddy Kahr
Michael Stenoien
All our love and prayers for sweet Pugsley. Thank you to his foster family and BTNC for giving him the love and dignity he deserves.Best, Rita (mom) and Thai (Boston Terrier)


Maggie resides in one of our permanent foster homes because she has a lot of health problems such as very few teeth, arthritis in her knees and elbows and she has recently lost full sight due to a ruptured retina. Maggie, who is now 15, had to be surrendered by her elderly heartbroken owners who had realized they could not give Maggie the quality of care she needed because they were in poor health themselves. Maggie was passed around the family before spending a long month in the vet’s clinic before they made the best decision they could for Maggie. When Maggie’s BTRNC Foster Mom arrived to pick her up, Maggie was wiggling and shaking and proceeded to plop her hefty self into her new Mom’s lap- if only for a short while… Maggie joined a family of two BTRNC adopted girls and her Foster Mom talked to Maggie’s previous owner every week, updating them on Maggie because they still adored their old girl. Maggie became as content as can be, taking it all in stride- even her recent loss of sight had her Foster Mom terrified that it would take the spirit of this old gal but never fear! Maggie adjusted better than anyone could have ever imagined negotiating herself around the house and backyard and continuing to do her famous “puppy” rolls when she is happy! Maggie, who is now a permanent member of the Sanctuary of BTRNC has given her Foster Mom a sense of purpose that she had been missing- Maggie guided her into caring for elderly dogs, giving them the dignity they deserve in their later years. If you would like to sponsor Maggie in her golden years, please make a donation in her name!


Maggie's Sponsors:

Eric Browning

Peggy Longenecker




Willis resides in a permanent BTRNC Foster Home. He has multiple eye conditions including endothelial degeneration, corneal lipid dystrophy, early cataracts and has had two corneal ruptures requiring surgery. Willis also has systemic mast cell disease and badly diseased teeth. He is doing quite well except for a few recent seizures and he is now being medicated for heart failure. Willis has an angel by his side, his Foster Mom, and because of her love and care, he is a fighter! He still loves to nap in his favorite laundry basket and continues to be the apple of his Foster Mom’s eye. She says he is the same spoiled rotten little man that you can't help but love! Willis follows her around the house and whines until she sits on the couch with him and at night he insists on being carried to bed! His Foster Mom does confess that she would carry him to bed every night because he is her sweet boy and when Willis gets over-stimulated and excited, he likes to be held like a baby, it calms him down and makes him happy. Willis has to have extensive and expensive care at times but if you would like to be his “angel” too, his Foster Mom would not mind. In spite of all of Willis's special needs, he continues to love and be loved more than anything. 11/15/12 


Read Willis's Blog!



Willis' Sponsors:

For Willis
Praying for your restored vision.
Charles and Mary Jane

For Willis! What a beautiful,sweet face you have!!! We can't wait until you can see it for yourself!!! Love,Nanci and Henri in memory of Pete

Wishing you healthier eyes and improved vision!
Beau and Charlie in remembrance of Pepper, Jazzmine and Millie.

I pray you get to "see" Christmas Willis sweetie!
Love, Your fur pal Quinn

For Willis, for a wonderful new and bright life!
Ty & Bianka Stumpf

Willis, you are in very good hands and we are all praying
for your recovery. Jim Hawkins

Willis - you are in my prayers. I hope your days are filled with all the things you love. - Linda

To Willis-I hope you enjoy every moment of your loving foster home. I will be thinking of you-Jeter


Proceeds from the Build-A-Bear Bear Hugs Foundation grant fund assisted with the medical expenses of this foster dog 

You are so special. You are loved. Lisa

Sarah Qualman

We love you all! From Tina & John Gooding, Kyle, JJ and Spike

Happy Valentine's Day
Beau, Shuggartt, Grayson, Olivia

Linda Royal

Robyn Spiegelman

Megan Keller

To Willis - My Boston will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge. Love, Margaretta Stolba

Kimberly Jones

J.S. Czartoszewski


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