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Lost & Found

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Lost dog - Monroe, NC



Older (11yrs old), male Boston Terrier lost in Monroe 6-13-11. Last seen in neighborhood off Hayne St (hwy 207) near wixe radio station and surrounding streets. He could have been moved to another area if caught.
He is black and white, 20 lbs, cloudy eyes, perky ears, no tail and is afraid of noises. He has not been fixed. May not come to you when called. Please, contact us or the animal control dept. They have been helping us search.
Max is the companion to elderly widow. She misses him so much. Any info will help!! Contact Max's family at (704) 535-6475.


Lost dog - Conway, SC


Jazzmin (aka Jazzy) is a 6 year old female black and white Boston Terrier who has been missing from Conway, SC since 12/13/10. She is on the skinny side for a Boston Terrier and has one black toenail in the front. She also has very pointy ears and cataracts and had one seizure in the months before she disappeared. She is a very loving and high energy dog..she loves to snuggle and play and will cuddle up with just about anyone. She’s not afraid of people or other dogs and loves to play outside. If you give her a ball, she will bounce it around on her nose for hours. She’s also a bit on the nervous side and will shake if she’s sad. She will let you know that she’s happy to see you by crying, barking and jumping and she loves to play tug. She’ll eat just about anything and loves carrots.

Jazzy is originally from New Jersey, but was staying with my nephew who is a senior at Coastal Carolina in Conway when she disappeared. We have continued to look for her ever since. Please contact us at the numbers below if you’ve seen her, or have a dog that matches her age and description.

Megan Walzer (973) 464-1690

Heather Grecco (973) 88-7717


Lost dog - Lexington, SC



Blazer went missing 12/31/2010 from his family's yard at 6 pm Clermont Lakes and Platt Springs Rd area. Blazer never left in 9 years of living there. Was seen on Nazareth Rd. near McCartha Rd. He was wearing a read collar with reflective paw prints, rabies tag and heart shaped id tag with name address and phone #. Reward for safe return home.

11 years old intact male Lexington, SC
Contact Holly at 803-381-4548


Found - Holly Springs, NC

This fellow was found on Saturday (2/5/11) and turned over to BTRNC on Monday. He is currently with BTRNC but we are still hoping that someone is looking for him.

He was found in Holly Springs, NC in the vicinity of Hwy 55 and Wade-Nash Road. The vet estimates his age to be "about 10".


Lost dog - Mebane, NC



A former BTRNC dog is lost in the Mebane area of NC. Anson is microchipped but may be skittish if approached. Please contact (919) 564 6855if you have any info on his whereabouts.


Lost Dog - Gaston, SC

missing daisy Daisy - Missing from Gaston, SC since May 4th Daisy is around 1.5 yrs old. She is not overweight, has a friendly and outgoing personality, likes all people and animals. Never strays from the family's yard if she manages to find a way out of the fenced yard. The gate was open and she couldn't have opened it herself. She disappeared on May 4th. Her little toe on her right paw is shorter than it should be, she is not microchipped, and was not wearing her collar with tags. Please call or text 803-730-2172, if you've seen her! If no answer, please leave a message!                

Lost Dog - Atlanta/College Park, GA


Dude is a 5 year old male Boston Terrier that weighs about 30 pounds. He has some pigmentation in both of his eyes due to cataracts. He went missing from Atlanta/College Park, GA on May 2, 2010. Contact info for him would be his foster mom at 718-872-8897 or Ed at 404.358.2540

Lost Dog - Summerfield, SC


Lily is a 2 year old black/white/brindle female who is missing from the Summerville area of Charleston. Please call Tracy at 843-224-9248 if you have any information on Lily’s whereabouts.

Lost Dog - Greer, SC


Woody, a 3 year old neutered male Boston Terrier, disappeared from near his home in Greer, SC on Wednesday, April 21, 2010. He was last seen in the Overbrook area, near Aaron Tippin Road behind Ryan’s Steakhouse. Woody has a microchip, and can be also be identified by the white tip on his nose. There is a CASH REWARD for the return of this dog. The owners believe that someone picked up Woody and has kept him. IF FOUND PLEASE CALL 864-877-3169 or 864-704-2217



Lost Dog - Georgia

Lost Dog - Hope Mills, NC


Buddy, an 8 year old male boston terrier who is thirty pounds went missing on Sunday, February 7th around 3:15pm in the Cypress Lakes Community of Hope Mills, NC. He was last seen running down Labrador Road which is off of Cypress Lake Road. He has on a brown collar and a green rabies tag. If anyone sees him please contact Tony Lockamy at 910-670-5736.

Lost Dog - Pelzer, SC

Missing Boston in Pelzer, SC. MooMoo is 1.5yrs old and was last seen around 8am on Saturday 12/26/09. If you have any info about MooMoo's whereabouts, please contact her family at (864) 634-9074.


Lost dog in Durham County, NC



Name: Morgan
Sex: Female
Age: 5 yrs
Missing since: 6/21/09
Last seen around 6:30PM in Durham County near Hwy98 and Hocutt Rd.

Morgan was last seen wearing a tan and green woven collar. Please contact Christy at 919-667-3056 if you have seen Morgan!





Lost Dog in Marble, NC

Name: Sweet Pea

Sex: spayed female

Description: 5 years old and weighs ~14lbs.

Please email ussschultze@verizon.net if you have seen Sweet Pea






Lost in Broadway, NC

Name: Worli

Sex: male

Description: 2 years old and weighs 20lbs. Black and white wearing a red halter.

Last seen: Sunday, April 26th off Hollies Pines Rd

Please call 910-689-6234 if you have seen Worli.







Lost in Tazewell, Virginia

Name: Cosmo

Sex: male

Last Seen: November 4, 2008 in Buskill Subdivision in Tazewell. Cosmo's collar was apparently cut-off and left in the backyard.

Please contact dylonsmom2000@yahoo.com if you have seen Cosmo. His family wants him home for Christmas.






Found in Charlotte, NC

Sex: Male

Description: black and white, no collar

Found: around December 19

Please contact Lynn at 704-638-6387 if you think this may be your dog



Found near Zebulon, NC

Sex: female

Age: senior

Description: Black and white tumor with grey around muzzle. Tumor or knot on thigh

Found: November 15th on Old Murphy Rd. in Corinth Holders. 12 miles south of Zebulon on Hwy 96.

Please email Brice356@aol.com if this is your dog.




Lost in Carytown/Museum District, VA

Name: Petey

Sex: intact male

Weight: 16 lbs

Description: Black and white with a white patch between shoulder blades

Last Seen: Disappeared on July 2, 2008 from family's yard.

Please contact badd0gs@msn.com if you have seen this dog.



Lost in New Bern, NC

Name: Thumper

Sex: intact male

Weight: medium size

Description: Black and white wearing a red collar and rabies tag

Last Seen: Thursday, September 11th in Trent Woods area

Please contact rhenry@fastmail.fmif you have seen this dog.



Lost in Clover, SC

Age: 8 years

Sex: female

Weight: 12lbs

Description: Eye cataracts. Pink collar with rabies and ID tag. Gray muzzle.

Last Seen: Monday, September 8th in Clover, SC.

Please contact Christie at 704-201-3226 if you have seen this dog.



Lost in Rock Hill, SC

Age: 12 years

Sex: male

Description: Wearing an electronic Invisible Fence collar

Last Seen: Off Twin Lakes Rd on June 22. He has cataracts but can differentiate between light and dark. He is also hard of hearing.

Please contact Betsy with any information



Lost in Raleigh, NC

Name: Sweet Pea

Age: 3 years

Sex: female

Description: 22 lbs

Last Seen: Saturday, May 17th in the vicinity of Dixon Dr. in Raleigh

Please contact BTRNC at 336 339-4368 or 252 723-0181 if you have information on Sweet Pea's whereabouts.



Lost in China Grove, NC

Name: Jude

Sex: female

Description: Black, white and brindle

Last Seen: Saturday, April 26 on South Main Street in China Grove (near Highway Patrol Station)

Please contact Sam at sam_luvdanes@yahoo.comor 704-855-7468 if you have seen Jade





Lost in Charlotte, NC

Name: Buddy

Age: 15 years

Sex: male

Description: Blind and deaf. Wearing a red collar.

Last Seen: Saturday, January 19th inNW Charlotte on Mountain Island Lake

Please contact Pam at PFisher463@aol.com if you have seen Buddy.



Lost in Fayetteville, NC

Name: Lulu

Age: 3 years

Sex: female

Description: Black and white wearing a collar and micro-chip ID tag.

Last Seen: January 14th in 3 Colonies on Cliffdale Rd

Please contact BTRNC if you have seen Lulu.




Lost in Gainesville, GA

Name: June Bug

Age: 8 mos

Sex: unaltered female

Description: Black and white. Short neck, long legs. Red collar with green rabies tag.

Last Seen: October 6 in family's front yard near Twin Springs Rd.

Please contact Emily at (770)297-6976 or E2000love@aol.comwith information.






Lost in Maiden, NC

Name: Lila

Age: 2 years

Sex: female

Size: 18 lbs

Description: black/white/brindle with a lazy left eye

Last seen: Lila's family believes she was taken from her yard on September 20th

Please contact Rebecca at 828-381-1385 or ravenb943@yahoo.com





Lost in Newport, NC

Age: 4 years
Sex: unaltered male
Size: 25lbs
Last seen: Pearson Circle at Broad Creek off Hwy. 24 in Newport, NC on July 4th

Leo is not wearing a collar and is not microchipped. Please contact Amy at 919-669-0148 or email flipsandflops@yahoo.com with information about Leo's whereabouts. REWARD OFFERED FOR LEO'S SAFE RETURN!





Lost in Kinston, NC

Name: Bruno


Age:1 year

Bruno disappeared from his family's yard on June 12th. The family fears he may have been stolen as it is unlike Bruno to stray from his home. He was wearing a green collar and is not microchipped. He is a friendly dog who loves people. Please contact Cindy at sail_din@yahoo.com with information about Bruno's whereabouts.





Lost in Columbia, SC

Name: Journey

Age: 8 years

Sex: Intact Male

Disappeared from Columbia, SC near Columbia Mall in August 2006. Journey may walk with a slight limp due to arthritis.

Reward offered for Journey's safe return

Contact Paula Griffin at 803-361-2032 or PaulaGriffinRN@aol.com with information


Lost in Fayetteville, NC

Name: Wully Bully

Age: 6 years

Sex: Intact Male

Escaped from fenced yard on January 14

Family is heartbroken and children desperately want him to come home!

Please contact the Jones family at RWTJones@yahoo.com or 910-484-6794 or 417-894-1355 if you have seen Wully Bully


Lost in Raleigh, NC

elvisElvis is a small, half-blind, half-deaf Boston Terrier who was rescued from a horrific family environment and placed into foster care through a rescue group (not BTRNC). Days before he was to go to his forever home with his new family in the Triad, Elvis disappeared from the Raleigh backyard of his foster family late on the evening of May 16, 2006. Much later that same evening, a homeless crack head sold him to 2 homeless Hispanic men for $10. There have been repeated sightings of Elvis with 2 Hispanic men, one by a Raleigh police officer. Elvis is being walked on a rope leash. He weighs only 12lbs. Several additional sightings were at or near Moore Square.

There remains an active tip phone (919) 449-7793 and a $1,000 reward is still available to the person who finds Elvis. Please call the tip phone with any information you may have or you can e-mail Betsy at Betsysbostons@aol.com


Lost in Topsail Beach, NC

8-year-old Lewis has been missing since November 7, 2006. Lewis is deaf and all members of his family miss him dearly.

If you have any information about Lewis whereabouts, please email Betsysbostons@aol.com

A Reward has been offered for Lewis' safe return






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