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Beloved pets

"In Loving Memory of Otis"

Loved by Sherry and Rick Leitman

Memorial donation by Kelly Greytok


Mattie arrived to us when she was about 5 years old in 2009. We fell in love with her from the moment we first saw her picture and applied to adopt her. She filled our home with light, happiness, and love as long as she was with us. She loved her stuffed toys and her favorite was "Mr. Bill". She liked to sleep under the covers and put her head on the pillows with us. She was an avid sun worshipper. She was extra gentle with her paws and never jumped on anyone or barked at anyone. She kept me company while my husband and younger son relocated to the west coast a year ahead of me while I sold our home in S.C. Then she made the long journey across country in the car with our family to arrive at our new home in Oregon. She continued to give us all of her love for 2 more years. She was stoic and strong through all of her physical health challenges at the end. She has left a huge empty place in our hearts and we are struggling to go on without her. We miss you Mattie. The world feels empty without you. Please wait for us wherever you are.

"In Loving Memory of Vanna White"
Loved by Lentz Brewer and Angie White
Memorial donation by Margaret Linn
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"In Loving Memory of Toby of The Crispey Clan"
Toby was rescued when he was an adult dog by my now brother-in-law, Rob, and later affectionately became my sister's dog when they got married. If there ever was a creature that epitomized "man's best friend," Toby was it. He was one of the gentlest, calmest, most loving dogs I've ever met. He loved his daily walks, playing in the sand and snow, and would chase a ball until he collapsed, if allowed to do so. When my sister and her husband added one Boston terrier (Kona), countless foster Bostons, and then another little Boston brother (Max) to the fold, he accepted them with the grace and wisdom that even some humans cannot muster. I regret that we didn't get to have more time with you buddy, but if love alone could have kept you with us, you would have lived forever.

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Matilda, loved by Lisa Goersch. Memorial donation from Debbie Hawkins and Jennifer Reece. Rest in peace Matilda!

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1999 - 2012


I, Tess, was born on March 5, 1999 and was placed in the loving and caring arms of my mother Barbara. Throughout my life, I had many wonderful experiences and loved to play everywhere, but more especially outside. In 2010, I had the opportunity to participate in a research study at Duke University called the "Duke Canine Cognition Trust Study", so you could say I attended Duke. In 2011, my family was expanded when my mother Barbara began dating a tall (everyone is to me) man named William, who had a black and white dog named Hermione. My family was completed in September 2012 when mom and William were married. Unfortunately, I became ill and died on December 24, 2012 surrounded by my loving family of humans, canines, feline, and equines. There are no bones about it, my life was pretty sweet!

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Millie_collage.jpgWe are so sad you have left our lives, after so many years as part of our family.  However, our sadness is lessened because you are no longer in pain, and are in a place where you can make new friends, and  here you'll never run out of toys or treats.  Hopefully, you are now
reunited with your old friend Max, and the two of you are resuming old times, tugging on a rope, fighting over toys, and you licking his face.

We'll always cherish our time together, with many happy times to remember, especially your daily antics..........chewing on rawhides, chasing that squirrel that always got away, tearing up plastic pots,
playing dress-up, and horsing around with your cousins, to name a few.

We called you by many names...........Millie Willie, Queenie, Millie
Girl, Boo Bunny, and your formal name, Lady Millenium.  However, we'll
always remember you by that cute face with the pink mouth, that tiny
head, your growl for treats, and your boundless energy.  Your greeting
us with so much energy, every time we entered the door, really made
our house a home.  While we will miss you dearly, our little girl,
these memories will help us get through the days ahead, and help us
hold you forever in our hearts.

Love always from Trish, Gerry, Aunt Pamela, Grandpa, and the boys,
Bruiser, Harley, Popeye, and Mugsy.

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