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Clockwise from top left: Bishop, BooBoo, Buttercup, Missy, LuLu, Jackson

When Looking for Your Next Companion, Don't Pass Us By!

Top 5 Reasons to ADOPT an Older Dog: 

1.  What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) 

Older dogs have matured and are ready to show you their true colors.  They've been there and done that and are often able to transition more easily into your home.

2. Housetrained!!

Get a full night's sleep without the interruption of late night potty trips with puppy. You'll both be savoring your restful slumber.

3. Your Shoes are Safe!

No teeth marks on your Jimmy Choos!  Your shoes are safe around a senior.  They have passed that frustrating phase of teething that can wreck havoc on your household.

4. More time for Snuggles!

Give that toy-throwing arm a break!  While older dogs can still be playful and active, they don't have the crazy non-stop energy that younger dogs still have!  That means more time spent relaxing outside together or snuggling in front of the TV.

5. They're Not Broken!

Just because an older dog ends up homeless does NOT mean that something is wrong with them.  Many of our senior dogs have spent the majority of their lives with one family. Their owner may have passed away or their family was unable to care for them any longer and they've suddenly found themselves homeless, by no fault of their own, in a shelter or rescue.  Many will bond very strongly to someone in their new home because they know how special it is to have a loving family!  Can that new family be you?

Change A Life Challenge


Please consider joining our challenge by committing to a $10.00 monthly donation. All funds will be used toward the vet care of our Bostons.

You may set up a recurring donation with paypal at the left of this page.


-You can also mail a check to BTRNC,

5403 Forest Oaks Dr., Greensboro NC 27406.



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