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October 20th - 25th


Starting today through Saturday we are selling these beautiful Christmas cards. The money made from the sale of these cards will help offset the veterinary expenses we incur in order to rescue these Boston Terriers. Each year we have expenses in the tens of thousands of dollars so all of your donations are always appreciated! You can read the story of Maya below and see why we do what we do!!!

Cards are $13.00 for 10 including shipping

The back reads - May 28th, 2014- the day the world mourned the passing of one angel, Maya Angelou, we welcomed a second angel into Boston Terrier Rescue of North Carolina. We named her Maya- we knew she would leave her mark on us, much as Maya Angelou left her mark on the world. Our Maya came to us from a shelter in South Carolina, suffering from starvation and such a severe case of mange that it was hard to find a place on her tiny body where the open sores were not bleeding. Treatment was started and meals were given and this precious girl started to rally, she even picked up a toy and tried to play right before bedtime one night- it may have been the one and only toy she ever had. After exerting what little bit of energy she had with that toy, she curled up and went softly to sleep and the angels came to take her home. We knew and loved Maya for 48 hours. Her presence was huge, her death devastating, her legacy is that our mission continues. Our mission that even in those final hours, everyone deserves to know they are loved. Rest in Peace, sweet angel girl, you left your mark, for sure.

Our appreciation for the painting goes to BTRNC member, Lisa Goersch and for the photography, Dana Brigman of Weenie Dog Photography.

Thank you for supporting Boston Terrier Rescue of North Carolina!


It’s hard to believe these puppies are 5 weeks old already! The first few weeks were SO easy as Dory did such a great job as a Mommy and left no work for the foster mommies. But alas… the puppies are now to the point where they have lots of energy and will hop up and run over when they hear the human voices. They have started to play pretty hard with each other and even Dory has begun to play with them – often biting their heads and nudging them around. On Saturday, the puppies managed to push open their pen and were found exploring the entire house when foster mommy returned home. Clearly they are curious babies! 


Introducing Dory!

Dory joined BTRNC as a dog in need about 2 weeks ago, and is now in the care of a great foster family!  Found by a Good Samaritan she was due any day.  She had 5 beautiful puppies by c-section, and all are healthy and doing well, as is Dory.

Today is Dory's Puppy Shower! 

If you would like to give needed mom & puppy items, please shop on our Amazon Wish List.

Click Here To See Dory's Wish List

We would like to thank LakeCross Veterinary Hospital in Huntersville, NC for taking such good care of Dory and helping her bring her beautiful babies safely into the world!

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