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Do you know who's available for adoption? Magnificent Millie!

***** BIG UPDATE *****

We have good news to report on our long-term foster, Millie. She has spent the past few weeks with @The K9 Coach Charlotte where she has shown marked improvement. Millie has learned what is considered acceptable behavior and what is not. The trainer also feels it is super important that Millie’s next home be one that includes another well-balanced dog (or two) and an owner who is also experienced with dogs -- a leader of the pack so to speak. Read below, especially the “Tidbits” section, for more updates!

Age: 3 years old

Weight: 18 pounds

Gender: Female

Health: Very good

Demeanor: Shy/timid, sweet, submissive, couch potato

Likes: Giving kisses, being held, treats, chewing toys, belly rubs, snuggling, car rides, going for walks, sitting in laps

Dislikes: Cats and children

Manners: Housebroken, crate and leash trained and now knows these verbal commands: sit, come, place, crate (and working on down)

Needs: An experienced dog owner. A home without children or cats. A home with or without another calm dog or two

Tidbits (directly from the trainer): “Millie is doing really well. I have had virtually no issues with her. I have seen her get excited when there is “ruckus” in the house, but she’s learning to just let it go (cue song from Frozen). She’s doing really well with her obedience skills too. She is quite submissive to humans, and though she wants to put a stop to the “ruckus” (with other dogs) it’s actually rooted in insecurity I think. She’s trying to figure out how to play and get involved in the fun with other dogs.

She’s fully integrated into my house with other dogs of variety of sizes. And honestly – she seems to do better with the bigger dogs – not to say that she can’t be with small dogs. She’s calm and quiet as a little church mouse throughout the day and would like her next home to be as well. We have had 0 potty accidents. My best guess is any previous potty issues may have been related to UTI or to anxiety.

Millie is super sweet. She will just hang out on her dog bed or by your side for extended periods of time. She has not been overly active but has really enjoyed being out in the yard on days that are not super cold and rainy. She gets a little timid sometimes – like when we are trying to teach her down -- and does offer her belly as a submissive position when she’s relaxed.

She gives the sweetest little single kiss when you ask for kisses. She has enjoyed a Nylabone and a very small deer antler remnant from my doxies. She likes to sit with you – next to you or in your lap. She had to learn to share space with the 2 doxies. She’s a happy car rider and walks really well on her leash.

In as much as she enjoys being with her human (and I’ve seen no guarding), she is perfectly content on her dog bed.

I’ve seen no separation anxiety either. She barks a little when I arrive home from having been out but it’s not separation related.”

You go, Millie girl! With all this improvement, we hope you find your forever home now!!

Millie is so deserving of the right home where she can share her love and be loved. To apply for her, please click here: http://btrnc.org/home/adoption_information.

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